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The Tokyo Office was established in April 2006 in order to support corporations located in the Kanto region centered around Tokyo and to respond promptly to government organizations including the JPO and the Intellectual Property High Court.
We will further improve and expand the Tokyo Office as a hub for meetings and interviews with companies.

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  • This office also serves as the Tokyo Branch of NETS and PATRA, with the goal of enhanced human resource development and to further improve the support for companies in the Kanto region based on distinctive characteristics and advanced IP strategy of the Sun・Group.
  • Since the office is close to JPO, the Tokyo Office can function as an IP legal service hub for companies requiring interviews with examiners or trial examiners and proceedings at the Tokyo District Court or the Intellectual Property High Court.
  • We can arrange exclusive meetings or interviews for companies using a teleconference system, even, for example, between Tokyo and Osaka, and provide satisfaction to our clients.

Teleconference system

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Sakaisuji-Inabata Bldg. 2F,
15-14 Minamisemba 1-chome,
Chuo-ku,Osaka 542-0081 JAPAN